AKC registered European
Black Miniture Schnauzer

von Minas Morgul

Miniature Schnauzer Kennel von Minas Morgul 

Our new "A" litter is expected on August 9th 2014.  Please contact us to reserve your puppy now.  We require a $200 deposit at the time of reservation.  All puppies come with their tail docked and ear crops are optional (vet fees for cropping not included).  Puppies are offered for sale at $1300 with natural ears. 

Sire: Ch. Donald Oric Central

Dame: Hailey von der Satansmeute. FCI conformation rating: V & SG  (exellent & very good) 

Hailey is a working dog: Agility and tracking. 

Our European Ch. Line Miniature Schnauzers are home bred and raised.  Their temperament and type is the same as that of our world class
 Working Giant Schnauzer.  They are of the same quality as their bigger cousins and come with the same health guarantee.  We take the utmost care in selecting our breeding stock from only the most accomplished breeders in Europe.  Just like our Giants all our Miniature Schnauzer undergo extensive health and genetic testing.  All outcomes are recorded with the O.F.A. and the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  We share these findings with other breeders and strive to breed only healthy animals in an effort to keep genetic disorders at bay.  We are home breeders and enthusiast with no economic motivation.  We work for a living and our dogs are our hobby, our passion and our way of life.

Breeding and rearing dogs can be very expensive, all proceeds from the sale of our puppies go back in to the breeding program and health testing including working titles, dog sport, dog shows and charity. 

Our Miniature Schnauzer compete in the dog sport and are limited to Tracking (FH) and Obedience (BH, OB). There is no protection work unlike our Giants.  Our Miniature Schnauzer site is very basic.  For more in depth information on our kennel and to request a puppy use the link above and go to our main website Working Giant Schnauzers von Minas Morgul-Tower of Black Magic.  

We love to hear from you and gladly answer any questions you may have about our breeds or our puppies.  All our Minis are registered with the PSK, VDH in Germany and the American Kennel Club.  The PSK is the breed club in Germany similar to the American Miniature Schnauzer Club.  Only they cover all sizes of Schnauzers and the German Pinscher.  The VDH is the Registry for all German pure breeds similar to the AKC.  These organisations are governed by the FCI which sets the highest breed standards in the world with the exception of the United  States. These standards include mandatory health testing. Dogs must obtain a show rating of no less then very good (SG) to be bred.  All litters are inspected by a breed warden before sold to the public.  All dogs are micro chiped at the age of 7-8 weeks.  Females can only be bred between the ages of 2-8 years.  We register all our litters and breeding stock with the AKC.  We promise you all the best this breed has to offer.  If you did your research you should already know what we are all about.  But if you need to see these magnificent creatures come on over we are always happy to see you in person.   

All puppy buyers are welcome to visit the kennel at the time of pick up or when no whelping puppies are present. To limit the risk of outside diseases we will not allow visitors during the whelping period until the first vaccinations have been given.    

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The breeding pair below is the foundation of our efforts to produce show quality Miniature Schnauzers and make them available to qualified  forever homes.  The dogs shown here are with their respective breeders in Germany and are un-docked and un-cropped as required by law abroad.  However dogs reared here in the United States will be docked and available with optional ears.  

                                                                           Kiss Me Sweet Of Maple Leaf
   Litter day:   20. 2008

 CERF: negative

                                                                   Meistersück von der Königssäule 

Litter day: 03.18. 2006

Int. Ch.; German Ch.; VDH CH.;
VDH Jahrhundertsieger; Kopenhagen Winner

Pedigree: Kiss me Sweet


Gonne with the wind van de Spikke

Litter day: 11.13. 1999

XMagic Man van de Havenstad

Wurftag: 30.11. 1997

Univer van de Havenstad

Wurftag: 30.11. 1995


Uptop van de Havenstad

Socks van de Spikke

Taro-Spike van de Spikke

Wurftag: 26.02. 1996


Vivienne van de Spikke


Disco Dancer van de Spikke

V- Bewertung

James Bond Rezlark
Wurftag: 01.11. 1999


Standing van de Havenstad

Vinessa van de Havenstad

Wurftag: 26.02. 1996


Made my Day van de Spikke


XMagicMan van de Havenstad

Wurftag: 30.11. 1997

Tapdance van de Havenstad

Pedigree:  Meisterstuck


Eternial Gabler Moonlight Shadow
Zodiak Dyas

Int. Ch

Lucky Lee Rezlark

Int. Ch

Yoko Ono Androis

Int. Ch

Nissan Vanetta Gambler

Uniek van de Spikke

Int. Ch


Jo-Anne von den Brunnengärten


Barba Nigra Indira Ghandi

Int. Ch

Enjoy's No Fear

Enjoy's Candyman

Wurftag: 01.09. 1994

Blackheath's Enjoy's Dazzle DD


Barba Nigra Quita's Black Baby

Int. Ch

Standing van de Havenstad

Int. Ch.


Quita van de Havenstad

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